Count Me Healthy Bracelets Featured on The Dr. Oz Show

I’m excited to have our Count Me Healthy line of bracelets be a part of the upcoming Dr. Oz segment on “interesting tools to help you lose weight.” I don’t have the exact details on the segment, but was told from Producers that on June 5th, the product expert will be wearing some of our Sterling Originals during the piece and then discuss how not only are they beautiful, but they serve a dual purpose of helping women track their goals.

The Original Style Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

The Original Style Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

We are huge fans of The Dr. Oz Show here at Chelsea Charles jewelry, and love that the biggest power house of daytime television is all about health and wellness.

Count Me Healthy stackable bracelets on The Dr. Oz Show

Count Me Healthy Stackable Bracelets on The Dr. Oz Show

To get your own Count Me Healthy Original bracelet, visit Also, look for my “Pretty Little Reminders” line of dainty, wear everyday earrings and necklaces available in Belk stores nation wide in August. Have a beautiful, healthy week!

I'm wearing Count Me Healthy stacking bracelets in gold, rose and silver along with the "Arianne" necklace from our "Pretty Little Reminders" collection

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