The Beauty Secret Called EROS

Thought I’d share one of the greatest wellness/beauty secrets and only recently have I started to fully grasp its power. It’s not a fabulous cream, a limb-lengthening workout or low GI diet (however I believe in all of these). Nope…the ultimate wellness secret is the “EROS Equation.”

I came across the article by Eve Hogan while reading Health & Spirituality Magazine, which I subscribe to and highly recommend.

E-R-O-S stands for “Event + Response = Outcome and Solution”

We as women internalize so much and take what we perceive as other people’s opinions of us, to heart. The detrimental effect is taxing stress on our bodies, leading to accelerated aging, drama, and a sense of being stuck in a constant rut of unhappiness.

The “Events” (the E in EROS) are anything anyone else says or does, anything external. Listen! Events are unchangeable as they’ve already happened.  Unconsciously, we think it is the event (person, place, thing), which is making us unhappy, when in reality it is our perception and what we do in response to the perception that leads to the solution. It is nobody’s choice but ours as to how the solution will play out.

As Hogan writes:

When we misguidedly think that the only solution to the equation is contained in the “event” we render ourselves victims of outside circumstances and give away our power for happiness, love and joy. When we choose responses in alignment with our goals and values, we can create powerful solutions.”

Try to keep EROS in mind and apply it throughout your day. Start to become conscious of your perception. For both the big issues and the little, such as when someone cuts you off in traffic. Most of the time, they weren’t doing it to personally make your claws come out and it’s up to you how the solution is going to play out. Are you going to take it personally and feel the cortisol rush in, or are you going to go, “wow, ok, cool and it’s a beautiful day.’ EROS is empowering, takes emphasis off of the ego and…really helps prevent those wrinkles.

I try to use EROS daily

I try to use EROS daily...and fail at it daily. But, continue to work at it and I'm getting better.

I now wear a fourth CMH bangle that I call my “EROS bangle.” I move a bead when I’ve put the equation into practice. Wishing you a calm and peaceful day. Chelsea


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