Spotted! Kelly Osbourne Wearing Count Me Healthy

A new episode of E!’s-Fashion Police aired on Friday and I was thrilled when I saw Kelly O wearing a stack of gold and rose gold CMH bangles!

This was especially cool because I’ve read a lot on her transition into a powerhouse of fitness and fashion knowledge over the past two years.

Kelly Osbourne in Count Me Healthy Jewelry

Kelly wearing CMH on Fashion Police

Kelly wears two, 14k gold-dipped “Friendship Is Golden” bangles and one 18k rose gold “Wild at Heart” bangle.

Wanted to share some snippets from Shape Magazine’s December, 2010 issue (with Kelly on the cover rockin a bikini) on how she changed her diet to achieve a 50 pound weight loss and amazing physique. It’s inspiration to stay healthy and motivated going into holiday season!

The three things she did to really change her diet:
1) Eat breakfast
2) Drink water instead of soda.
3) Always have a snack in the evening.

Her daily menu…

For breakfast
Raisin Bran with skim milk or two egg whites with lowfat cheese

Midmorning snack
Sliced cucumbers or dill pickles

For lunch
Grilled chicken salad with low fat dressing or chopped salad with mozzarella cheese and chickpeas.

Afternoon snack
Sugar-free Jell-O or Babybel Light Cheese

For dinner
Turkey burger with steamed vegetables or turkey burger with lowfat cheese and a dinner salad with lowfat dressing

After dinner snack
An apple or a small spinach salad with fat free dressing

Kelly Osbourne on the cover of Shape Magazine

Kelly Osbourne on the cover of Shape Magazine

Her menu is super clean, but she does splurge on her favorite treats, such as pizza and Brie, occasionally (key word being “occasionally.”)

Tune into E! for all new Fashion Police episodes. Keep up the fabulous work Kelly!


  1. Kristie Bennett says

    Such wonderful, interesting and relatable writing! Love the fashion and the tips and the health tips….keep it going, its a wonderful read!

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