Selena Gomez Spotted in Count Me Healthy Bangles!

Recently the talented singer and actress, Selena Gomez, was spotted wearing golden and rose gold CMH bangles while in Michigan promoting her new movie, Monte Carlo!

Check out these pics!

Selena Gomez Count Me Healthy bracelets in Michigan

Selena Gomez in her Count Me Healthy bracelets

Selena Gomez wears her count me healthy bracelets and bangles

Selena Gomez wears Count Me Healthy bracelets at Michigan concert

Selena Gomez at Michigan concert wearing Count Me Healthy bracelet

It’s always nice to see stylish role models rocking my CMH styles and Selena is at the top of the list for millions of fans. She happens to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, but she’s a teen megastar in her own right. Not only did her movie premiere this past weekend, but her third studio album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” was released yesterday to wonderful reviews.  Love the album cover.

Selena Gomez Monte Carlo album cover

Selena Gomez album

I don’t know what she counts with her Count Me Healthy bracelets. Since she’s constantly traveling, glasses of water would be good. But another suggestion would be to count all of the wonderful achievements she’s already had before she’s even hit her 20s.  You go girl!


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