sl ‘AAP’ happy (Part 1)

I named this post slAAP happy because if I add another APP to my iPhone somebody should slap me. Seriously. How many more apps do I need? Hmmm… let’s see: Army Survival Guide (which tells me useful information such as how many gallons of water I need to stay hydrated in the Mohave desert. If I’m in need of this information I’m already doomed and my iPhone has already melted in my hand).

But I wanted to share with you a couple of apps that are either useful or bring me great joy for the price. I highly recommend these if you are an iphone chick and I know that Droid divas probably have very similar apps at their fingertips.

Slango Urban Dictionary

Urban dictionary app for iphone

Urban Dictionary App

When I remember to visit this app it makes me really laugh. It gives you a Slang “Word of the Day.” Here are a couple for you to use next time you are having a conversation with someone who doesn’t have a doctorate.

•    Screenior Citizen
Definition: An old person who spends all his/her time at the computer or television.

•    Right of Wave
Definition: The expectation that a fellow driver will offer a wave after allowing them to cut into traffic.

Okay, this App has easy, delicious recipes and it’s cool to say, “Yeah (sigh) I just whipped this up using my iPhone App.” People will not just think you are domestic goddess, but rather a “technologically-apt domestic goddess.” Girl, dangerous combo! You can also use the “spinner” function where you list the ingredients you have on hand and it will show you matching recipes. Here is a killer recipe from All that I used recently:

glazed salmon

Glazed Salmon

Glazed Salmon
½ cup olive oil
1/3 cup molasses
2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 ½ teaspoons grated lemon peel (I didn’t use this)
Wild caught salmon fillet/s

Directions (this is my modified version)
In a small bowl, combine the oil, molasses, and garlic. Use most of the mixture and marinade your salmon in the mixture. Heat your oven to 375. Put aluminum foil in baking dish. Bake fish for 50 minutes. Periodically bastethe fish with the rest of the mixture. You’ll know the salmon is done when it flakes easily with a fork and the glaze creates a sugary brown coating on the top of the filet.

Okay, every girl needs a flashlight and this is a strong, FREE flashlight. It is perfect for using to shine into the abyss of your fabulous handbag when you can’t find your keys.

Red Laser Barcode Reader

Red Laser Barcode reader

Red Laser Barcode App

Did you ever wonder, “Am I getting the best deal on this really cool (fill in the blank)?” Use red laser to scan the barcode and compare the price of the item from the store you are in to the barcodes of the same item within a certain mile radius. Genius and helpful.

Net-a-Porter or “Today’s Shoe” from Bergdorf Goodman

net-a-porter iphone app

Net-a-Porter iPhone App

Bergdorf Goodman iPhone App

Bergdorf Goodman iPhone App

One word for these apps: dangerous! Let’s admit it though, these are mostly for eye candy. They list most expensive items first and for the most part only list the most recent items (no sales listed here girlfriends). You don’t need to buy anything from them to enjoy browsing. All I’m saying is that it’s easier to stay on trend when you have crisp, beautiful images of Balmain military coats and Helmut Lang leather skinnies to stare at instead of year-old mangled issues of Good Houskeeping next time you’re in the doctor’s office.

Part two of “slAAP happy” is all about photography Apps!!! Do you have any apps that you find helpful? I would love to know (and no doubt I will download for my repertoire). Have a beautiful week and remember to keep counting.

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