A Quick Peek at Life in Hawaii (Guest Blog)


My name is Tracey Harrington McCoy and Chelsea graciously invited me to write a guest post for her blog about life in Hawaii–and I’m excited to contribute. I met Chelsea at my last job and over a discussion about the Bar Method and YSL heels, we realized we had to be friends. Not long after that, my husband was relocated to Hawaii and we’ve stayed in touch. When she asked me to write a little about Hawaii, I jumped at the chance. So, let’s dive in: here’s a peek of life in Hawaii…

Nick (the husband) and I moved here about 9 months ago. After spending literally 15 minutes deciding whether or not to make the move (“Should we move to Hawaii?” “Um, YES!”), we began our search for a little shack on the beach. While little shacks on the water don’t really exist on our island (Oahu), in a stroke of amazing luck, we found a place across from the beach with a view I still can’t believe we have. A month later, we moved in.

At the same time as our move, I made a decision to leave the corporate world and instead freelance and consult. After 13 years in the business world, it was a little scary to make the jump. Happily, it’s been a blessing and allowed me freedom to explore and enjoy this new environment.

Oahu is a lush island–full of unique trees, plants, and flowers. Experiencing and photographing the extraordinary greenery is one of our favorite things to do on weekends. The many mountains around the island feature hikes that include amazing views of the ocean, nearby islands, and the surrounding foliage. But some of the most interesting parts of these hike are the flowers lining the trails and the plants peeking out of the streams.

Being outdoors is a way of life in Hawaii. People are always running, kayaking, kite-surfing, stand-up paddling, and hiking. Outrigging (multiple paddlers in a long skinny canoe-type boat) is very popular. And the surfing! So many people, male and females of all ages, surf. My husband started when we got here and he’s hooked for life. With everyone participating in these outdoor activities, it inspired to me find my own niche. I picked tennis back up–something I haven’t played in many years–and I love it. It’s been fun and invigorating to be so active–and to be outdoors year-round. (I just have to remember the sunscreen!)

One of the best things about moving to our little beach town is the lack of restaurants. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but Nick and I went out to eat all the time back on the mainland. With a limited selection here, we’re more likely to prepare our own meals at home that means more fresh fish, grilled steak and chicken, and our favorite, Korean short ribs. When we’re hungry for some local fair, the most popular type of food on the island is local “drive-in” style barbecue. This includes short ribs, teriyaki chicken, and other grilled meats served with lots of rice. There are also a ton of shrimp trucks, particularly on the North Shore. Their specialty? A plate of delicious, sauteed shrimp. Get a fresh plate of crustaceans, grab a seat at a nearby picnic table, and peel your little bites of deliciousness. (Can you tell I like these?) But, that all said, our favorite meal is whole white fish with fresh vegetables on the grill at home. This, paired with a couple beers while sitting on our deck watching the ocean, is our picture-perfect evening.

And actually, that’s the bottom line: Nick and I are so lucky. We consider ourselves very blessed to have the opportunity to live here. What we’ve been able to do–hopping to other Hawaiian islands, swimming with turtles on the North Shore, watching the full moon rise over the beach–are things we’ll remember forever. This island, with its laid-back lifestyle, gorgeous surroundings, and welcoming people, truly is paradise. And I think you should visit and experience it. We have an extra room waiting just for you!

Aloha and see you soon!


  1. Healthychic says

    Tracey, you painted such a vivid, amazing picture of your environment. And we have to go visit the shrimp carts! Yum.

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