Welcome Susie Rahaim and Remembering the 70% Rule

March is officially Nutrition Month so I wanted to share some “food for thought.” A lot of us get discouraged when the warm weather rolls around because we feel we need to overhaul our physique. It’s been burned into our brains that we need to have this rock star workout routine, but sometimes our lives don’t support it at the moment.

(Pink and her Rock Star abs)

My earlier post was my personal “Spring Cleaning,” which included my workout routine I HOPED to achieve. HOPE is stressed. There are many times when my day starts at 5:00 am and I don’t stop until late at night. And I realize that you are no different (um… especially new moms who are up at all hours of the night). However, I think it’s important to maintain a positive attitude and continue to plan your workouts like you would appointments even if you know you’ll have to miss some.

But, if you are at a place in your life when you can’t hit the gym on a consistent basis, remember the golden, 70% rule. Your physique is determined by 70% nutrition, 20% sweat sessions and 10% genetics.

Based on your diet, the 70% rule can be a God-send or your demise. If you are a consistent, clean eater, isn’t it fabulous to know that you can forgo that extra snack and two glasses of wine because you didn’t get to pilates and still come out ahead?

Or that you substituted white fish for the hamburger you may have eaten if you ran those three miles (workouts and eating “entitlement” is a whole other topic) and you are still on your way to having abs like Alba? The first step toward a better body is a nutritional adjustment.

Guest Blogger: Susie Rahaim

I thought there would be no better person to blog on the positive life changes clean eating can bring than Susie Rahaim. Not only is she schooled in holistic nutrition, she’s also the busy mother of three beautiful girls, ages 5, 3, and 1. Her personal quest for better eating is inspiring and I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve learned so much from her about how to raise their children to eat (and enjoy) whole foods.

Stay tuned for Susie’s first blog with us, “Do You Know What You Are Really Eating?” And as always, Keep Counting for a balanced and beautiful spring!

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