Inspirational Friends’ Brunch

I recently went to an Inspirational Friends’ Brunch at one of my dear friend’s houses and I have to share. What a fabulous concept–getting women together to discuss what (or who) inspires them daily. It was refreshing and I left the event ready to embrace the day (no mimosas necessary.)

If you should want to throw an Inspirational Friends’ Brunch, here are a few steps to get the “Good Food and Gratitude” flowing:

1) Invite different circles of friends. Everyone is inspired so it makes for fabulous common ground (which is hard to come by these days.) Also, often inspiration is the birth of a challenge and/or hardship in one’s life, so it’s nice to hear other examples outside of your tight-knit group.

2) I’m speaking from personal experience, but if you are a Facebook fiend, like moi, then you will probably invite some of your friends via FB. Message their accounts (in a group email) and ask them each for a song that inspires them. My friend, Laura, did this and put an amazing CD together which was handed out at the end (I offered the song “Jesus and Gravity” by Dolly Parton). Unfortunately, “Ice Ice Baby” didn’t make the cut but there is always next year and another friend already offered her spectacular casa for the second annual gathering.

3) Get some speakers together. These women do not have to have the scaling of Mt. Everest or a Middle-East Peace Keeper on their resume to be a speaker (although I wouldn’t doubt this for some). Since you are the host, you make the rules. And you can invite whomever inspires you to “come on up here and hold the mic” (or the zebra-printed broom, which is what was used in place of a mic).

4) Home Cooking! Now this was a very southern event complete with sweet mint tea and amazing desserts. I’m from Detroit, so I know that Northern Women can cook it up just as well as the Southern Belles. Anyway, the food was fantastic. Ask a couple of your friends for their culinary specialties. They will love to help and it will take some of the pressure off of you.

5) The last step is easy. Just be proud of the event you put together and enjoy yourself. Gratitude and inspiration should be a reason to celebrate in itself; therefore you offered the perfect reason to throw a party.

What inspires you? Is it reason to throw a soiree (I’m betting, heck yes)? Enjoy your week and as always, keep counting!


  1. Ann Marie says

    I love bringing different groups of people together and think this is a perfect way to celebrate life and friendships. What a fantastic concept!

  2. Asheaon Squirrel says

    I think, more than anything, verbal support from those around you is inspirational. It just fills me with joy and motivation when others are rooting for me and I can do the same for them. Reciprocal altruism ;).

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